Sheepskin Deposit

Sheepskin Deposit

I don't often open deposits as it can be a little be tricky to navigate,  but this year, this is the right option for my work and hopefully it will allow more people a chance to get a sheepskin that have been wanting one!


Your deposit holds your spot for a guaranteed sheepskin.  When I have skins available, I will open the shop to deposit holders to pick a skin that they would like.  


Prices range from $300-500+ shipping depending on quality and size of the skin. Colors and wool type will vary depending on what I can get ahold of. Deposit price will be deducted from the final cost.


Sheepskins will all be from animals I have processed personally. If I run out of skins, I will source more from friends and will mention that they are not from animals I have skinned. All sheepskins will be tanned by me personally. 

A note on my tanning method: I use traditional fat and smoke tanning. The process is labor intensive. The end result will have a slight smoke and wool smell to it.  I can use essential oils in the cleaning process to give it a more fresh smell. Please let me know if you are sensitive to essential oils and I will refrain from using them.


Your skin will have a different feel to it than machine/industrial tanning processed skins.  It may have variations in color on the leather side and there may be a bit of hay/grass debris in the skin. I do my best to get it all out, but I don't want to damage the integrity of the wool with too much brushing.


Deposits are non refundable, but when it comes time to purchase, you are not obligated if circumstances have changed for you.


Thank EWE!!